Transitions in our family have forced us to change our ministry for a time. Melissa has moved to Kentucky to attend Kentucky Mountain Bible College. In the mean time, Andrea and I will be singing with Scott Penuel.  Go to "Contact Us" for bookings. Check out the Scott link in the menu for more info.



Bill Crane
Pastor, Church of the Nazarene

It is my privilege to recommend to you
The Collison Trio! This father-daughter
trio have a great desire to serve Christ
and to draw others to Him! They are
very talented musically, having beautiful
harmonies with the blend that only family
members can achieve!
How can I give them my unreserved
recommendation? I have known Andy
Andrea, and Melissa for over 13 years.
I have been with them as they prepared
for services and witnessed their prayers
to be used by God to bless others, and
their intense focus on being the best musicians
possible so that nothing will distract from what
God wants to say through them. 
The Collisons have experienced God’s
transforming grace. They have gone through
dark valleys, and have overcome, with God’s
help! Their music and testimonies come from
a life of faith and from victories won. They are
an encouragement to me and I am sure they
will be a blessing to you and your community
of faith as well!

Porter Swamp Baptist
The Collison Trio ministered to us at
Porter Swamp on 8/31/2014.  
The "family" harmony is so

tight and impressive. If you would like a
service where the Lord will receive the
praise and be glorified, this is one of the
groups for you to book.

ood People doing Great Things
I've had the pleasure of working with and
around The Collisons several times over
the last few years. There's a lot that can
be said about them and brother it's all good.
They are truly good people with a message
and man their harmonies are great, so if
you get a chance to see them do yourself
a favor and go.



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